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Helllloooooo 2011

Well I'm a little late to greet you but we said hello at new years so I think I can be forgiven.

After 2010 you've a lot to live to live up to but I'm hoping that this year will be a little less busy than how it started.

So what would I like from you?

A holiday! I would like to go somewhere and relax. So far things are looking fairly positive for a midsummer holiday and as I'm directing my research I'll make damn sure nothing clashes!

To get through my first year review - please please please let them like me enough to keep me going!

To not be laughed out of my first conference. I may not be giving an oral presentation but I really hope that my poster is up to standard and I'm liked there.

To not bring my work home. I think this is going to be one of my hardest things, especially as I now get work email on my phone. This first month with the treatment trial has been hectic and I've needed to do work at home but I'm hoping I can find a balance that lets me relax, enjoy my time with Sam, talk to my friends and do more house stuff.

A vegetable garden. We are working hard on making this happen I'm hoping that my ground in fertile and the weather is sympathetic and then hopefully we will have fruit and veggies!

Oh gods so much of that was work related!

I'd also like to expand my cooking repertoire, and cook something new each week. Again Jan has been hectic and Feb will be too but hopefully after that things will ease off and I'll have more time.

So basically I would like to be an ace PhD student, a wonderful cook and gardener, travel and relax. I don't ask for much hey?

Nah, really 2011, the best thing you can give me is to just keep me going as I am. Any of the above is an added bonus but if I can keep managing my mental health whilst living a decent standard of life I will be giving you thanks daily! As always I know it will be a struggle, we are in SAD time and I'm thankful for the treatment trial keeping me so busy that I barely know what month it is, but there will be hard times and dark days, just let me keep this faith that the sun will rise again and shine his light on me :-D




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