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farewell 2010

 wow 2010 I guess it is high time I said farewell to you. I'm a bit late but it seems like Jan is always a hectic time.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

This year has seen me surpass my wildest hopes for myself.

I held it together for my masters, there were some hard days and some rough spots but I did it, and I managed 100% attendance and decent grades. When I applied for the masters I wasn't sure I'd even complete the masters, I just wanted to try. And I did it. I am so amazed at what I;ve managed to accomplish considering where I was just a few years ago.

I didn't get the holidays I had my fingers crossed for but I did make it to Ripon and that is enough for me.

I kept the momentum going and applied for jobs and phds. After a lot of low self confidence and doubting I was offered a phd and decided to give it a go. I still think maybe they confused me someone else but I am loving it and they seem happy with my standard of work so let's see how it goes.

Sam and I did buy a house together which went a lot smoother than we could have hoped for. We moved to Scotland and we have been working on it and I've been surprised by how much I enjoy making it ours.

Nothing else has really happened, 2010 saw me very focused on my studies, in somecases to the detriment of my relationships but it's gonna take me a while to balance things.

This year I have learnt that I am capable, I am smart, I am more than my mental health. I think that is what I wanted from it and I am very thankful to have it! 


And of course I totally missed off several things. I am driving more and a lot more confident with that. I have developed a crazy love for pink and purple, in both clothes and accessories. I tried dieting in a sensible way and managed to loose weight and maintain it. I was diagnosed as being vitamin d deficient which, after a couple injections and being on a course of supplements for life, has helped me sooooo much in my movement. It no longer hurts to walk up stairs or anything. I haven't had a diazepam in over 6months despite the stress of moving and SAD. I was put back on antidepressants (citalopram) as a just in case by my overly cautious Dr (but he spotted the vit d deficiency so I don't mind). So far no side effects (wahey) but I haven't noticed any benefits, it's hard to tell with bipolar though, it's not a sustained down. All in all life is good. Again thank you 2010 for being good to me!



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