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Yeah I'm pants at updating

 Wow I have actually been pants about posting the house updates! Just got so busy. Ah well it's the though that counts right?

To give a teeny update the upstairs is floored but we decided on new skirtings so it's lacking those. I got frustrated living out of boxes so we unpacked stuffs. We also bought curtains for all rooms other than the dining room but so far its only the spare bedroom that has them up. We bought a dishwasher and a fridge and the kitchen kinda looks ok. Just gotta get a washing machine in then we can do the floor in there and it shall be marginally useable *growls about her kitchen*

As a positive we qualify for free cavity insulation so got that done and we can get loft insulation if we put some vents up there, gotta contact a builder. On the downside the seal is no good on the double glazing in the front bedroom so there's a draft and the front door seems to have a leakage issue as after the rainstorm the other night there was a few small puddles in the hall. We'll get there with the house it'll just take longer than I thought/hoped.

In other news I started at Moredun fine. I have a desk in an office with a bunch of lovely people and I've been reading lots and even got some lab work in doing some ELISAs. I've attended a couple of courses (EndNote, giving presentations and one for a personal license) and I've even done some presenting to some BSc students (it was only a small class though). So that's all going well. I've decided to change method with my reading and try to reading bits on diff topics rather than read each one through before starting the next one. It's been a month and I'm still reading copro Ag. I have to present my planned outline of research in 6 weeks time and there's no way I'd get through the lit in that time. Also have two theses to read *argh*. I got to go to a farm as well and learnt how to get a rectal faecal sample (yep that's probably what you're thinking it is). I also signed up to be student rep for this years new phd students. Before you tell me I take on too much the job is pretty simple. There are no meetings to attend in 1st year and all I have to do is be there for if any of the 7 of us have problems I can take it to the phd organiser unless it's about him. lol

So, so far the PhD is going well. I'm getting much more confident with the driving now that I'm doing it three days a week. I can bay park a doddle and its going well. Apart from my rage at the stupid people who have no idea what they are doing on the road and are doing blooming 40 in the 60 area. Why when you can take that bend perfectly fine at 50 do they feel the need to go at 30 *growls*

Ahem. Yes. It's cold up here. And rainy. And soooo bloody fecking dark it's depressing! I can feel the SAD starting up early this year! 4:30pm should not be that dark yet *Sigh* Ah well I still like it. I'm missing the exercise of public transport though. I need to get walking places, might try going for a lunch time walk if I can stand the cold. Doesn't help that my diet got a lil derailed. The dark is making me comfort eat and there are tea breaks at work which means drinking tea and we have treat wednesdays where someone bakes cakes for everyone in parasitology. Not good for the waist. Have put on nearly 2kgs since I came up here. Kinda depressing when I lost 5kg over summer *sigh*

Nat drove up with the kids for half term. That girl is superwoman I swear. She did the drive by herself. It was good to have them up and it spurred us to get more done in the house, just wish I'd had more time to spend with them. Managed to get the kids and Nat hooked on Inuyasha and got Nat interested Mai Hime. Hopefully they'll be able to come up again some time. Especially as we've made the decision to stay up here for xmas.

Right I've been complaining about how exhausted I've been feeling so best get myself washed and into bed. Now that we are slightly settled I hope I'll be here more and won't have to spam your pages with long updates!

Hope everyone is well *huggles f-list*


PS I passed my MSc (managing a distinction in my project somehow)! Woohoo. Official declaration of fail, pass or distinction comes out this month but I will more than likely be in the Pass section as I don't think my overall was high enough for a distinction.



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