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more house ramblings

 Day 3 with pictures

So yesterday saw the upstairs and the stairs cleared of carpet tacks (aka lil f*ckers) and staples. It's crazy how happy I was about that lol. Sam attacked the skirting boards and that means that after a lil sweeping we are ready to start laying the laminate. I'm just having a cuppa tea and we'll get started

We figured we should do some before and after photos but forgot until sam had ripped up the skirting. Gah livejournal doesn't like uploading pics over my phone connection. Pics will be on facebook

Bed went flat in the night. Got a puncture from a staple in the floor we missed. Have gone over it with packing tape and really hoping it holds. Don't really wanna be sleeping on the boards for the rest of the week. It lost a bit of air last night but not too much thankfully :-)

Sam got the bits for the oven but the attachment is a different diameter to the pipe so its a no go. Got one call back from my several  messages left on Sunday. A guy will come and do it next Tues for around £50, not a bad price. Just means that we haven't got a means of cooking until Sat when the microwave arrives.

Other than that, which although it doesn't sound much was actually loads, not much else happened. We removed the door to the lounge and the one from lounge to kitchen. We'll keep the hall to lounge off but lounge to kitchen was just to make it easier for the fridge to come in. Oh yes, we got the fridge. I have to admit it is bigger than I imagined, even with Sam standing in the space and showing me before we bought it (I really have no spatial awarness) but hopefully it won't overpower the room too much. 

Checked out the local co-op (it smells of horse manure), had dinner from the chippy/Indian. I think my pie had been in the deep fat fryer :-s. Oh and we managed to watch Merlin on Sams phone. Not sure how I feel about that ep.

And we did the most fun thing so far. Went from room to room with our furniture measurements looking at what will fit where. I can't wait to get the furniture in now!

Right best get to laying this floor.




January 2012



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